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What should I do if my mailing address or phone number has changed since I mailed in my Reconsideration Request?

Please call us at 585-348-3200 to provide your updated address and phone number.

How can I find out the status of my appeal?

You can check the status of your appeal by visiting Use the appeal ID provided by the QIC (on the Acknowledgement Notice) when searching for a status. If it has been 30 days since you submitted your appeal and you have not yet received an Acknowledgement Notice from the QIC, email to request a copy.

Can reconsideration requests be faxed?

Yes, reconsideration requests can be sent by mail or by fax (585-869-3314). Additionally, registered QIC Portal users can upload reconsideration requests directly to the QIC Portal:

Can I request a demonstration of the QIC Appeals Portal?

Yes, please email

Can I include multiple dates of service for the same beneficiary on one reconsideration request form?

Yes, suppliers may include multiple dates of service on the same reconsideration request form as long as they are for the same beneficiary. Additionally, two or more redeterminations can be submitted in one appeal request to the QIC as long as the items are for the same beneficiary.

Can I request a copy of a decision letter?

Yes, you can request a copy of a decision letter.  Please click here to submit a request.

How should I complete the reconsideration request if I am a representative/billing agency of the provider or supplier?

Reconsideration Request Tips and Reminders